Why MKV Luxury is the Best Car Rental Company in the UAE

Jul 13, 2024
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Why MKV Luxury is the Best Car Rental Company in the UAE

MKV Luxury stands out as the best choice for premium car rentals in the UAE for several compelling reasons.

  1. 24/7 Availability: We offer guaranteed premium car rentals 24/7. Whether you’re a homeowner or a traveler in need of a car at short notice or after regular business hours, their flexible service is perfect for you.
  2. Instant Online Booking: You can easily reserve a luxury car through their website. This convenient feature allows customers to quickly browse the available cars, select their preferred model, and confirm their reservation without dealing with extensive paperwork.

  3. 100% Insurance Coverage: We provides full insurance coverage with every rental. This ensures that customers are fully protected against unexpected events or damages during their rental period.

  4. Transparent Pricing: MKV Luxury is pleased to offer transparent pricing. They ensure that all rental expenses, including insurance and any additional fees, are disclosed upfront. This transparency allows customers to better plan their budgets and avoid unexpected costs.

  5. 25% Discount: We offering a special 25% discount on monthly bookings. This offer is designed to entice customers who are planning extended stays in Dubai to take advantage of reduced rates, making luxury car rentals more economical for longer periods.

  6. Largest Fleet of Cars: Our top-notch selection of premium vehicles, including the powerful Chevrolet Tahoe, Mercedes Benz, Defender, Ford Mustang, BMW, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Lotus Emira, and fierce Lamborghini Huracan and many more!

  7. Door-to-Door Service: When you make a reservation with us, we offer door-to-door service. To enhance convenience and comfort for the renter, we bring the luxury vehicle directly to the customer’s chosen destination, which could be an airport, hotel, or residence.

  8. Monthly/Weekly Bookings: You can choose from flexible booking options, including daily rentals. Clients can rent a luxury vehicle for longer periods, such as monthly reservations, or for shorter durations, such as a day or a week. This flexibility is designed to meet a variety of needs, from short trips to longer stays in Dubai.

  9. Zero Deposit Option: When renting one of premium car, there is no need for a deposit. With this option, clients no longer need to pay a deposit in advance, which increases accessibility and convenience for luxury automobile rentals, especially for those who would rather not lock up cash for deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I extend the rental period beyond the initial booking?
    Yes, you can extend your rental period at any time, provided the vehicle is available. Simply contact our customer care team to arrange the extension.

  2. What happens if I return the car late?
    Our rental service operates on a 24-hour basis. If you return the car late, additional charges equivalent to an extra day’s rental will apply. For more information, read our refund and returns policy.

  3. Can I pick up the car at one location and drop it off at another?
    Yes, you can drop off the car at any MKV Rent a Car location. Please note, there may be a minimal Drop-Off charge for returns at certain locations like the airport.

  4. Can someone else besides the named driver on the agreement drive the car?
    Yes, you can add an additional driver for a minimal charge. Ensure the additional driver presents their passport and valid driving license to our front desk at the time of rental.

  5. What should I do in case of a breakdown or accident?
    In the event of a breakdown, MKV Rent a Car provides 24-hour breakdown and roadside assistance. If involved in an accident, do not move the vehicle unless necessary for safety. Contact the police immediately (dial 999) and obtain a police report, which is essential for insurance purposes. Notify our Customer Care Department promptly, and we will arrange a replacement vehicle if needed.


MKV Luxury is the top choice for luxury car rental in Dubai, known for its exceptional blend of high-quality vehicles, convenience, and outstanding customer service. Whether you’re in town for a brief visit or planning a lavish extended vacation, our dedication to excellence guarantees that every trip with us is a journey in sophistication and style. Reserve your exceptional experience with MKV Luxury today and elevate your Dubai adventure to new levels of luxury and excitement.